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Upswing Poker: Ryan Fee With Five Tips For Live Poker

Upswing Poker has teamed up with Card Player to bring you some exclusive poker strategy content. In this video WSOP bracelet winner, online high-stakes cash game regular and Upswing Poker coach Ryan Fee recorded some exclusive strategy content for Card Player viewers with five tips for playing live poker. Sign up for the Upswing Poker Lab today for step by step instructions and examples to master both the fundamental theories and situational exploits to greatly increase your skill and earnings.




  1. Your constant in-mouth burping is gross, and I won't watch anymore.

  2. That was funny… and called for a very specific playstyle… which is loose-aggressive.

    Raise pre-flop
    3-bet a lot pre-flop
    triple barrel most of the time, even if you don't have it

    Rince-repeat. This style can be good for getting others to fold their nothing-hands or weak holding, but of course if you 3-bet pre-flop then go on to triple barrel with nothing much into an opponent that just let you barrel can also be a great way to blow up your stack quickly.

    This is one-gear… you can play this style, but if you only ever play this way you will lose. People will fold easily their no-pair hand knowing you are the kind to triple barrel and they are not willing to put a ton of money in the pot with their ace high to see if something show up on the turn or river. But they'll just let you barrel it off with their top set/full house/straight type hands until you bloated the pot to a point where you are losing all the little gains you made getting people to fold on the flop.

    This strategy only ever works if you change gear… when people do not know where you are at… when you go from this goofy crazy raise, 3-bet, triple barrel without caring much for the strength of your holding and then you change completely once your opponent start noticing the aggro style to play tight and start folding when you have no pair no draw.

    I think all good players that have won a lot are those who are not playing a style they are clearly identified with. So this is all great tips on how to shift gear to play loose-aggressive.

  3. This is what is killing poker

  4. What a joke on triple barreling ace high board, yeah they'll just fold ace queen all the time lol

  5. Excellent tips!

  6. Oh, look, that's the poker instructor who says "never disagree with me".

  7. So what are we doing with suited baby aces against opens?

  8. Upswing Poker = SCAM

  9. Thanks, I usually always limp, lol
    Will take ur advice,,,

  10. Why not 3-bet J10s or 98s? Those are good enough hands to just call?


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