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What is actually Your Play With TT Listed here? | SplitSuit

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You have TT.
Do you stack off with an overpair listed here?

I not too long ago tried out a thing new on YouTube. I analyzed a 1-dilemma quiz that I handed out before this year. The suggestions on the format of this movie was fantastic – so I figured we could attempt it once more.

To that end, listed here is a rapid 1-dilemma quiz. You get the hand, all of the suitable info, and then you pick your line.

Sound pleasurable?

Okay, listed here is the info:

“I had been sitting at the desk with this participant for about four hours. I identified it quite straightforward to pin him to ranges, as he was very tight and nitty.

I am a quite LAG participant, and opened virtually all of my buttons. Having said that, I was nevertheless confident the nit would only 3bet me with JJ+/AQ+ and never any suited connectors and so forth. Considering that I opened my buttons so extensive, and only referred to as his 3bet, I figured the flop nailed my selection a lot far more than the nit’s.

The nit tanked right before calling the change wager.”

The nit checks to you on a brick river. Simply click the url at the top rated of the description box and decide if you want to verify-driving, make a compact worth wager, or jam it in. If I get above one,000 replies, I’ll do an in-depth breakdown of this hand and demonstrate you how your reply in comparison to anyone else’s. Quick peasy!

Good luck.


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