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In Daniel Negreanu’s poker course, the 6-time Entire world Sequence of Poker winner teaches principle and betting strategies, how to up your psychological video game, and how to navigate the earth of qualified poker.

Daniel is acknowledged for his ability to forecast arms and go through his opponents. In addition to his six WSOP bracelets, Daniel Negreanu received two Entire world Poker Tour championship titles and has amassed more than $36 million in prize cash, building him the winningest reside event participant of all time. He was also named the Player of the 10 years by the GPI and is the only participant to obtain the WSOP Player of the 12 months award twice. For the very first time ever, the grasp participant teaches the strategies that have received him tournaments, awards, and cash prizes.

By means of Daniel Negreanu’s on line course on poker, you’ll deepen your being familiar with of the principle and exercise of poker and sharpen your psychological video game. Daniel breaks down state-of-the-art betting strategies, conducts reside demos of spotting tells, and reveals how to coach your head and overall body for accomplishment at the desk. He provides interactive quizzes with hypothetical cases so that you can measure your being familiar with of ideas and also shares suggestions for correct teaching off the felt.

Irrespective of whether you happen to be a qualified participant hoping to get “in the money” at tournaments, or you want to conquer your mates at your weekly video game, Daniel Negreanu’s MasterClass on poker will improve your participate in with XX hrs of online video lessons and a custom-made workbook customized to each and every chapter. In this on line course, Daniel Negreanu teaches how to:

Use state-of-the-art principle and betting strategies
Consider overall body language
Detect and execute a bluff
Management “TILT”
Estimate your opponent’s hand assortment
Get “in the cash” at tournaments
Improve price with verify-boosting, three-betting, and overbetting
Benefit from GTO poker
Sharpen your psychological video game
Establish your career as a poker participant

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  1. I paid for it, yet they all said Coming Soon… When….

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  3. I am not a follower of the poker scene but i actually enjoyed this advestisement

  4. Daniel, I'm very willing to drop $180 for the masterclass for the year, but will there be anything in there about how to use piosolver, or instructional videos or tips on using solvers? I feel like the games is rapidly moving towards the use of solvers, and you've clearly been utilizing solvers lately. It's just such a hard thing to get used to using, and it's not easy to use at first, there's a huge learning curve at first, but if you included some helpful guides to using solvers or some quick how-to's I would be more than grateful, and it would absolutely make it worthwhile for me and many other to purchase the masterclass.

  5. More rake is better

  6. 0 dislikes, shows how good this is going to be!

  7. So sick

  8. Juanda had trips

  9. He is a god

  10. Where's the link?

  11. SO PUMPED!! Just wish it were out sooner =)

  12. Of course it has to be a Romanian who has a masterclass for gambling…

  13. 0:30 Everybody could see a King Nine in those huge sunglasses.

  14. holy moly def worth taking for poker players


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