Texas Holdem

POKER VLOG nine | Enjoying my Greatest POT At any time!!!

More poker hand assessment currently. I hop in a $five/$five game in which a bunch of every thing takes place: we make quads, get river-ed, make a hero call with King significant, and engage in the most significant pot of my existence…

Can we hold for a $three,three hundred pot?

Retain up with my poker and faculty journey:



Q: Who are you, and what is this vlog about?

A: I’m a faculty student that experiments at the University of Texas. I engage in poker on the side as a hobby / supply of profits. The encounters shared in the vlog are primarily supposed to deliver people into the remarkable game of poker, as well as entertain poker gamers and informal watchers.

Q: I’m interested in the game. How do I engage in?

A: Listed here are the standard guidelines:

Q: I want to find out far more about how I can improve, how much I can gain taking part in poker, what it requires to triumph in poker, and many others…

A: Follow me on social media, shoot me a message, or electronic mail me your queries at liumatt.small [email protected]


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