Texas Holdem

The Real truth about the South Level Poker Area!

Going ahead, I will be giving a Boski Score(TM)

Here are my five categories. one-ten score for every single

one. Locale = Proximity to parking garage, bathrooms. Charge of parking. How inviting it is to new players

2. Convenience = chairs, desk, vehicle shufflers, cup holders, cleanliness, cell phone chargers, TVs, air high-quality, noise pollution

3. Food items/drinks = assortment of beer and cocktails. Food items company

4. Staffing = Dealers, chip runners, ground competence/speed/friendliness, wait around lists

five. Profitability = Rake, strength of competitiveness, jackpot fall/benefit, food comps

In this Vlog, I engage in some $one/2 No restrict Texas Hold’em at South Level Hotel Casino and amount the several areas of the poker area.

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