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Tiles of Confusion – Riichi Mahjong [eighth July 2016]

Saturday Morning Mahjong Stream – eighth July 2016
Streaming most Fridays at all over 10:00PM GMT
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You asked for it I am actively playing it, time for some much more mahjong on tabletop simulator

Well ok no it was not asked for at all definitely but hey while you are here let’s a game of Riichi policies mahjong performed and partially stated by an beginner but in idea improving participant…

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  1. Talking about sets, I've seen a nice looking set on Rakuten that I am eventually going to buy:

  2. 2:50 Unless you hit UraDora, not a very valuable hand… but they don't know that!
    4:42 Red DORA Dragon on the third discard…
    6:19 I guess it makes sense that that ShoDan is the one that is extremely aggressive…
    7:17 Why not keep the Dora and try and make something of it? It looks like you will have to find your Yaku in the Fanpai anyway…
    7:57 Always nice when the correct move pays off!
    10:37 Or you could discard the 7s, which you know is safe, and be in Tenpai…
    11:10 On the bright side the 3s was his winner..!
    14:13 Prematurely folding that when you have a safe tile to discard keeping you in Tenpai.
    16:18 Cookie to Viking!
    22:27 A win here, and then two more wins after that…
    23:10 Pretty shitty start…
    28:20 Actually you only need a 40 minpoint 3 fan (or any 4 fan) hand if you hit directly…

    31:37 Actually, I might have refrained from Reaching and hoped I hit a 4s for the extra yaku pushing it into possible Haneman range.
    33:34 Also, that… I guess…
    33:57 But did you WANT to scare them off? That is the question.
    34:45 šŸ˜€
    38:47 Oh, I know this one… being shafted by someone lucking into a big Tsumo when I'm dealer… Bah, humbug!
    41:10 Yay for Reach only hands… shakes head
    45:30 You need to hit any Sou tile except the 9 to get into Tenpai, so I wouldn't say you struggle…
    47:15 Getting rid of your own wind when it is the Dora seems counter productive.
    48:10 It might be slightly faster, maybe, but it is cheaper as well… Not saying it is wrong, just pointing it out.
    50:00 Blindly keeping oneself in Tenpai for a cheap hand …aaand it is gone! (Been there, done that…)
    52:41 But the real question is – Do you own an automatic table? (I dream of one…)
    56:00 Tobias, Shadow is working on a beginners guide, but in the meantime feel free to ask any questions.
    57:30 SuuAnkou for the comeback!!!
    58:45 SanAnkou..?
    59:20 NoAnkou..?
    1:00:20 Not looking good…
    1:01:59 Ironically it would have been better for you if the Dealer had not been NoTen…
    1:02:10 What a shitty starting hand for what you need to do…
    1:03:08 Yeah, go for the SanKanTsu… feels like a SanAnkou is more likely and as long as you Tsumo it you leave last place…
    1:04:10 Remember! Never go full retard!
    1:08:46 The feeling of getting robbed over and over again…
    1:10:00 I'll leave the commenting here… Can hopefully be there "live" next week.


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