Texas Holdem

Al Spath Poker (Coaching) Lesson with Al Spath (.10/.25NL Hold’em) Skyp’d Lesson #146

Hi there Poker Gamers just about everywhere, I’m Al Spath, previous Dean at Poker Faculty On-line, sitting down at a .10/.twenty five NL dollars table with gamers from Heartbeatpoker, talking about techniques and arms as we engage in. Be confident to follow me on twitchtv: PositivePokerInsiders, AlSpath and @ Heartbeatpoker to obtain notifications for are living shows. tyvm



  1. At the 1 hour mark where you had JJ on the Q board, the villain donked into you on the turn and you thought he had 2 pair. Many books and articles say to treat donk bets with scorn and are just a fishy way for someone to try their luck. I am guessing you thought this one was strong because it was on the turn not the flop?

  2. in 1:20:50 you hit 2 pairs AT, would you check raise (and how much) if somebody would cbet?

  3. Ok, it's me again 🙂 in 15:00 min when you got 99 and Rob 3bet, you checked OOP w 99 on flop 563, and bet on Turn, but what if Rob would bet pot size 3.25$ after your flop check? Would you call, reraise or fold?


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