Texas Holdem

Halt Dealing mE ACES ($1/three Funds Activity) – Poker Vlog #9

Welcome back to my poker vlog! This week I am at Crown On line casino Melbourne, grinding on the $1/three tables – and you won’t imagine how numerous instances I wake up with ACES! Will we e book a get this week!?

P.S. soz about the audio, it is a little little bit low in some spots, so you will have to crank up the speakers!

New music by Joakim Karud:



  1. +$650 minus a ridiculous $45 for parking in the basement carpark…. nice win though!

  2. Do you get many players on the table knowing you're doing this yet? I was always curious how someone would go trying a vlog as a Crown regular seeing that the group of regulars is fairly small.

  3. Nothing better than Aces all day

  4. Hi britt you seem to 3 bet on your aces and queens and the players seem to fold .if that tends to happen i open my 3 betting range in position more often .even start to 3 bet suited connectors low pairs to balance my range .


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