How to Win Poker Tournaments

Let us chat about TILT!

I participate in a $300 poker match at the Wynn on line casino in Las Vegas

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Look at out The Boski Breakdown the place I analyze stay poker hands from Tv poker shows these kinds of as Stay at the Bike, Poker Following Dark, EPT (European Poker Tour), Substantial Stakes Poker, the Earth Collection of Poker (WSOP), the Aussie Hundreds of thousands, WPT (Earth Poker Tour) the Significant Just one For Just one Drop, and the PCA (Pokerstars Carribean Adventure). He in particular enjoys reviewing hands by popular substantial stakes professionals like Viktor “Isildur” Blom, Fedor Holz, Dan Cates (Jungleman), Tom “Durrrr” Dwan, Phil Hellmuth, Phil Ivey, and Daniel Negreanu.



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  2. The authentic Boski, as always.

  3. The first time I saw the mustache I thought "what is this shit? It's totally out of place!" But now I actually like the look. When I was in school I started growing out my hair and I was the only guy in school (about 1100 students) who had long hair and at first it was weird but now, 5 years later I really like it and women are actually jealous because I have such nice hair. Combined with my beard it actually looks pretty masculine too.
    If you like it, keep it. People will get used to it and you will have something rather unique.

  4. Save the Stash Boski…. think you should trim it really thin, John Waters or Actor George Sanders style…. just to tilt the haters. I had a shitty run in Event 2 at the Wynn Classic last week as well, sometimes the cards just fall funny, what are you gonna do.

  5. Hey, man. Keep rocking the beard! I’ve heard the same shit they have said. Don’t let society and others feeble minds push you around.

  6. Shake it off Boski. You will get them next time.

  7. Tilting in a tourney is the worst. When it's bad, I'll walk for an orbit or two. The lost blinds and antes are usually nothing compared to the damage I'll do to my stack trying to play through it. By the by, you should have kept the Hitler stache for a week or two, give those stache-haters one last FU before going back to your smooth self.

  8. Sorry to hear about the run bad, I feel your pain. Just keep on grinding.
    There's always bowling.

  9. Sad Jeff you gave in to peer pressure sad what if they  tell you need to shave your head will you do it? Signed disappointed Frank

  10. No Jeff don't do it even if we have to start a Go Fund me page save the stash man it looks good on you ignore thos idiots don't let dumb asses control you put that razor down be your own man keep the flavor savor for mans sake Frank

  11. you need a t shirt with FREE MOOSTACHE RIDES HERE?!

  12. Anyone who berates Jeff for jamming T5o is clearly a bad poker player. He had 2 straight draws and 2 Flush draws pre, I’m sorry but I’ll take that every time.

  13. Killer sky JB. Weird separation in the cloud formation. Go get a nice steak and enjoy life. You're doing great my friend. At least your dogs love you.

  14. Boski – I will MISS the "stache" – sorry the tournament was so tough on you. Classic line though about your only way out was to lose all your chips – pretty sure that is a big negative EV move.

  15. #Namaste #GoodVibes, I know the feeling sitting at the table when players just keep making the worst calls possible and getting rewarded on the river. I usually have to take a few days off and remember to use some of my breathing techniques and bring myself back to the present moment and be grateful for the opportunity and work on learning from my previous frustration and build on quieting my mind when I do become tilited. Not easy but I always tell myself, "Progress not Perfection" , "Be in the moment and play your A game". Keep up with the videos, I enjoy your thought process and can't wait to get back to Vegas.

  16. bad stash.

  17. #infiltratethematrix

  18. I genuinely Lol’d at the ‘bad card for you’ comment. That is quite funny you must admit

  19. Say it isn't so boski… the mustache does not have to go! Keep being yourself kid that's what keeps the vlog interesting with all its nuances like the dog park intros and food being grilled… the porn stars !!!

  20. "50 to 70 causasion males" #hahahahhaha!

  21. fuck the stache haters man, do you. check Brendan Dunne out rocking the mustache with sole collector. he's bucking the trends too and showing how its done


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