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$3k/$6k Brief Deck NL Hold’em Triton Poker SHR Rail!!

TIMESTAMP HIGHLIGHTS Below. I’ve read a ton about small deck NL hold’em just lately and Triton Poker just unveiled Episode one of its tremendous superior roller hard cash video game. Tom Dwan, Jason Koon, Andrew Robl, Paul Phua are in the combine and the stakes are $300,000 Obtain-IN, $three,000 ante and $6,000 Button Blind to start off. I have no thought wtf is happening in this video game and I know a lot of many others come to feel the identical so it really should be pleasurable to determine it out a little bit.

Comprehensive Episode on Triton Poker (They also have a lot of terrific videos w/ superior stakes motion!) –

seven:33 Durrr & Phua fight
twenty five:00 Robl faces river wager w/ QQ (Q superior)
39:00 Paul Phua GAMBLE
forty two:30 Durrr AA vs Phua
45:40 Robl 600k pot w/ AA
fifty five:00 Phua Goes NUTS vs the NUTS
fifty eight:30 WANG ON TILT

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  1. "Is there anything more tilting than the fucking internet?"

    Where's the lie tho?

  2. Koon plays cash like a tourney

  3. Short deck holdem pfft, gimmie double deck plo anyday

  4. Ur an annoying cunt ur subbed

  5. Highlights
    7:33 Durrr & Phua battle
    25:00 Robl faces river bet w/ QQ (Q high)
    39:00 Paul Phua GAMBLE
    42:30 Durrr AA vs Phua
    45:40 Robl 600k pot w/ AA
    55:00 Phua Goes NUTS vs the NUTS
    58:30 WANG ON TILT

  6. Thanks for tuning in everyone. We had a bit of lag in the beginning but the stream clears up about 15 mins into things and is smooth sailing from that point on. I'm not sure when I will start putting up content consistentyly because I am going through some things in my life right now but thanks to all who still watch some of my stuff.

  7. Still don’t know if I like short deck 2 card plo, what day you?


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