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Working It Up at the Bellagio $five/$10!

How very long has it been considering the fact that we’ve dipped our toes into the from time to time frigid but also often incredibly fantastic waters of the Bellagio poker space? Way too very long. Let’s alter that. And we’re gonna engage in both extreme ends of the deck in this session: from 32dd to pocket aces. That is right I stated POCKET ACES.

We also need to have a chat about how accurately we’re gonna scale this complete poker vlogging operation, and who accurately is heading to help take us to the subsequent degree. Any guesses?

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  1. What a week!

    The Final 5 contestants for the #vloggerinparadise challenge have been announced. Head over to to see the finalists and check out their channels. I also sincerely want to thank everyone who participated in this challenge.

    It was awesome seeing so many unique styles and perspectives, and to see people really embrace the spirit of awkwardness that is picking up a camera for the first time, talking into it and clicking that upload button. I wish we could award more of you guys the top prize, and I hope you've enjoyed the process as much as I've enjoyed watching it unfold.

    Anyone in Vegas this week? Come join Jason, Brad Owen, myself, and a bunch of other fun people for a MUG this Wednesday, 7pm at the Westgate. Expect bomb pots, optional beverages, and Jason donating more money to the SuperBook. More info here:

    Jason and I will be kicking off my twitch stream officially this week too! Keep your eyes locked on both and It may or may not be a livestream of me sleeping, after everything that is happening all at once……..

    And in two weeks, we'll be heading back up to Reno. It's the most laid back and fun poker tournament series in the world. Here's that link:

    Cheers fam. Let's keep this train rolling. -Andrew

  2. You need an assjstant.. Or at least a video editor.bro LoL

  3. —Somerville what a guy, what a promoter, what a hype man.
    —nice session lol you set the tone 23dd hand, amazing sometimes gotta lose some to get it rolling

  4. bless you

  5. great synergy!

  6. Mixed game Meet Up?

  7. Favorable + Run it up= 1 AMAZING partnership!! Congratulations to both of you!! Can't wait for more great STUFF!! Lol

  8. So excited for you and all of us fans! Congrats

  9. LEGIT all that needs to be said

  10. I remember first watching Jcarver on youtube playing on "cake poker" maybe 6/7 years ago. They are well worth a watch!

  11. I love the Bellagio hotel and the gardens. Thanks for showing me Bellagio.


  13. The folder in that K5dd hand probably had AAdc or something like that.  The other playing having 107dd (two less diamonds in the deck) probably saved your ass in that hand.

  14. I'm impressed they actually use $10 chips in that game.  Keeps the pots much cleaner and stacks far more manageable.  I wish the Bicycle Casino would learn from this in their 5/10 game.

  15. Sweet! I'll be at the meetup game! I played with Jason at one of his first ever run it up meet ups at the Red Rock. How awesome is this partnership! Both of my favorite content creators

  16. Jason is the man! Congrats dude

  17. You lucky SOB!
    A favorable partnership and awesome run good! You deserve it! Run it up!

  18. Finally a run good session! Dilly dilly!

  19. Great news
    We are very grateful it’s continuing vbol

  20. jcarver and andrew partners? is this real life? amazing news!

  21. "3 High" Sounds like the name of a movie. See the new comedy about poker "3 high" playing at a theater near you.

  22. This partnership looks like kenny powers and stevie. Jk love you neeme nation

  23. Awesome news on the Partnership. I hope everything works out Very FAVORABLE for everyone involved. Great Vlogs

  24. I have to give it to you bro. you have great grinding skills.
    the main three components to your game that keeps you
    running strong is : calculated, composure, and discipline.
    many times, our emotions can destroy us. not just in poker?
    but in life itself…. I am impressed.

  25. run good

  26. Finally !!!

  27. Great stuff again! love to see the run good back at the Bellagio. Laughed at the help make up for the one who unsubbed in the closing credits!!

  28. Did anybody else say "bless you" after he sneezed??? LOL

  29. Damn homie!
    That's one of those sessions you look around the room to see if you can see anybody you know just so you can talk about your hands. Bet you couldn't wait to do this vlog.
    Good for you!

  30. In the flush-over-flush hand at ~16 minutes in, it’s interesting to note the possible flushes that the player who jammed the flop could have had:
    QJ, Q9, J9, Q8, J8, 98, Q4, J4, 94, 84.
    Potentially had the ace high flush draw?


  32. Neeme hook it up with a favorable hoodie

  33. 14:13 bless you =)


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