Texas Holdem

Poker in Vegas Working day three(Element two): Dwelling our Greatest Lives

Working day three and the Vegas Journey equally arrive at their remarkable summary!

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  1. "Stephanie likes you , Stephanie likes you……"

  2. Cool closing song Jaman

  3. Nice vlog. Keep up the good work Jaman.

  4. Been watching the vlogs for a while thanks for taking the time to put out quality content for the viewers

  5. Just move to Vegas Jaman

  6. Who’s the mannnn with tha winning hannnddd……
    (they call him Jaman Burton )
    My favorite song

  7. Wait so isn't it weird to leave your chips at the table? Can't they get stolen

  8. Best vlogs ever

  9. Thanks for hitting the conservatory, haven't seen Trooper show it off yet. Awesome Vegas trip, I had fun and thanks for vlogging and sharing love that you get it viewed at the table in real time, yaaaaayyyyy jada Happy Halloween

  10. "1.2 Thousands!" LOL!! Great job Jaman!

  11. Jaman, brotha! I am a late 40's grinder working in SoCal and go to Vegas a lot (hate the Bally's poker room, but great location for getting everywhere). I consume a LOT of vlog content, and I have gotta tell you that youve really grown into an absolute top tier vlogger. Love your content, love the analysis. You do some great editing. I used to "catch up" on your stuff when I could (like Matt Vaughn, Dogebag, that Liu kid in Austin and Trooper) but you have moved up to the featured table with Neeme, Owen, Boski and Vibes. Keep bringing the great stuff! I'll hope to see you in the Lou when I get there next.

  12. Was in Vegas a few days ago……Was playing more downtown, cos I was staying at the Golden Nugget. Then I went to the Strip for a gander…..Bellagio……..1-3 table…….it had this really annoying guy from India at the table….Commenting on every player's cards……he even questioned the poor dealer on how she done her job. I was only at this table 20 mins……..Was about to leave, when this Asian guy folded to an American guy…….pot was about $700, then the shit hit the fan……the fairly lippy Asian guy leans over and picks up the other guys cards out of the muck…….I just picked up my chips and left……naturally, the American guy was pissed……his face was going through pre atomic bomb phase……flying back tomorrow…….I'll try the Aria, Venetian and Ballys next. Played a game in Binions…….Just missed a pay day…….the blinds killed me…..good fun though. Leaving Seattle for Vegas today…….one night there, then back to Europe …..to Galway via Philadelphia, London & Dublin. Can't wait to play Red Dead Redemption 2

  13. Great vlog as usual. I've done that get off the plane after 3 days in Vegas and go straight to work thing too. It's not for the feint of heart! Hope it went well for you.

  14. That’s one tired Jaman at the end of the video! (Sorry about the spoiler for anyone who read this before watching the video)

  15. What was in box at counter

  16. Winner winner just barely enough for a chicken dinner.

  17. The video transitions in the conservatory were fantastic!

  18. About your "bad decking " wish, I was in one at Tunica. New decks: Dealer, Floor, 8 or 9 players saw the card spread, cards were dealt. First deal, 2 people had a Joker. Amazingly, no one saw them prior.

  19. Great video, great entertainment as usual. Thank you sir!

  20. Jaman, very entertaining!
    See you soon…
    Old Man Corona! : )


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