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Wager-sizing Strategies with Trueteller and PepperoniF | Paul Phua Poker

In this new Paul Phua Poker online video, Timofey “Trueteller” Kuznetsov and Rui “PepperoniF” Cao share some important insights from bet-sizing and why it matters.

DO YOU Ever Range YOUR Wager Measurement PRE-FLOP?

RUI CAO: Pre-flop, it’s just about the same sizing in most of the conditions for opening and 3 betting – fundamentally it’s the same dimensions all the time. It may perhaps be various from in position or out of position, but post-flop differs far more – way far more.

TIMOFEY KUZNETSOV: I think bet sizing post-flop is fundamentally the key concern or the key undertaking of the No Restrict Maintain ‘Em game. It’s only the most vital concern, fundamentally – what are your bet dimensions? So, all you know about poker goes by your head when you’re picking your bet dimensions, so it’s seriously, seriously hard to demonstrate in a several words, but typically if you’re bluffing, you want to bet even bigger, and if you’re benefit-betting, you want to bet lesser.

RUI CAO: Yeah, it’s a bit far more challenging.

TIMOFEY KUZNETSOV: Yes, but I think it’s a very good rule to go to.

RUI CAO: It’s about the far more bluffs you can have right here, the even bigger you bet, and if, let’s say, persons do not anticipate you… or you do not seriously have numerous bluff in in this predicament, you bet lesser because you give them a cost. If the cost is not very good for them then they are not heading to connect with. So, it’s fundamentally this. It’s the percentage of bluffs and the percentage of benefit you can have in specific conditions – and you can do some challenging, challenging things, but fundamentally it’s like that.


TIMOFEY KUZNETSOV: Typically when my opponent’s selection does not have way too numerous very massive fingers. When I know that he can’t have the authentic nuts, so it’s hard for him to have an simple connect with, so all the phone calls he can make will be seriously tricky phone calls. In those conditions, you can anticipate him to connect with fold very generally – if he’s not, like, offended with you or some thing.

RUI CAO: Yes, the same. When they seriously can’t have the nuts, you go all in because you can bluff far more like this because you can know they can’t have the nuts, fundamentally.


TIMOFEY KUZNETSOV: It should not seriously vary way too much but most likely you bet marginally lesser in tournaments on normal because your stack is shallower.

RUI CAO: I think you acquire much less chance in common in tournaments because you’re shorter and so I think you bet lesser in common.


TIMOFEY KUZNETSOV: When you’re participating in in the game you have no time for any mathematical formulas. I guess you just will need to think, accurately like you said, is this human being heading to connect with me with this hand or is he heading to fold this hand? You just acquire your impression on what you think they may do. But if you’re seeking to work on your game or assess some thing – like you have a pen and paper and just test to break down the hand – then you can go to math formulas and just see what the percentages of the selection …blah, blah, blah and do things like that.

RUI CAO: I think persons have a poor interpretation with maths in poker. Poker is not about maths formulas – or like very simple kinds. It’s not about challenging mathematical formulas. It’s just about some logic and some very simple maths. Some equations. It’s just about logic, I would say, far more than maths equations, very very simple.

TIMOFEY KUZNETSOV: Yes, it’s far more about how you realize other people’s logic fairly than about math.

RUI CAO: Yes, it’s not about the maths, I think, poker.

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