Texas Holdem

i can’t command my TILT… (dropping hundreds of pounds!!!)| poker vlog 21

Right now we converse about some fingers played at a latest $5/5 session, likely into more element and tactic than standard. I then open up about my tilt problem and very poor mental sport and how it is costing me possibly thousands of pounds.

Hold up with my poker and higher education journey:



Q: Who are you, and what is this vlog about?

A: I’m a higher education college student that studies at the University of Texas. I engage in poker on the aspect as a hobby / resource of earnings. The encounters shared in the vlog are mainly meant to provide persons into the remarkable sport of poker, as properly as entertain poker players and relaxed watchers.

Q: I’m interested in the sport. How do I engage in?

A: Listed here are the standard principles:

Q: I want to understand more about how I can improve, how much I can get playing poker, what it normally takes to do well in poker, and so on…

A: Abide by me on social media, shoot me a information, or e-mail me your thoughts at [email protected]


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