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Pocket JACKS & The Worst Transform Card | SplitSuit

Test out Main from Red Chip Poker and buff up your playbook with the most-structured poker training course at any time developed:

Modern hand was despatched in by Anthony. Playing 100NL on the web, Anthony attacks a gaggle of limpers and ends up having limp/re-raised by the tiny blind.

SplitSuit starts by breaking down the value in 4-betting. When you really believe about the array that a participant like this would possible complete, vs. raise more than 2 limpers, it really illuminates how robust individuals pocket Jacks really are.

After hero calls, the flop is KJT, and hero again normally takes the extra conservative strategy. SplitSuit describes why passivity is the erroneous thought, and why this form of line produces the hellscape that hero finds himself in on the switch.

This hand is a doozy, but when you know what to glimpse for, you are not possible to make this identical miscalculation twice!



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